Dystopian Jakarta

August 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Curhat Anak Bangsa (CAB) Publishing will sell customized sketchbook in SIngapore Toys and Comic Convention 2012 next September. I tried my hand doodling manually again without sketching it first, like I always did on my younger years. The result was quite surprising, not about the quality of my drawing, but apparently I still have my confidence with manual hand-drawing

Years of drawing digitally makes me lacking sensitivity when doing it with mere papers and pen. Better equip myself with sketchbook again, starting now!


About the title, I think I already given up hope on this city. Jakarta is no longer livable city.Pollution, poverty and crime can be seen everywhere you look. Hence there will no utopian concept ever emerge from this city, on the contrary, I can really see a bleak, dark future approaching it. Sounds too negative? Meh.

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